Outlander: Heritage with a Fandom Twist

As part of participation in the wider Outlander fandom, I was able to visit various locations, both during and after filming. During such visits, and in conversation with other fans, I began asking research questions. The first of these ended up being published in an article about filming, locations, and production & fan responsibilities to heritage. I am hoping to publish subsequent thoughts on the show’s feminism and postfeminism in the future.

Other work is described below.



Blue Badge Guide Training

In 2015, I was invited to give a training session for Blue Badge qualified guides in Scotland on the show. As part of the session, I presented on changes the show introduced to the history and heritage covered by its narrative. I also discussed ways to engage non-viewer visitors while appealing to fans at the sites.



Scottish Heritage & Social Media Group (SHSMG)

Drawing on my thoughts from my article and observations from conversations with heritage processionals and fans alike, I considered how to engage fans on Social Media in ways that benefit both fan audiences and heritage groups. You can read the article here.



Outlandish UK

Outlandish UK is the first and largest fan group for Outlander in the United Kingdom. Composed of fans from around the globe, the group has a strong Social Media and fundraising presence. Its three large gatherings raised thousands of pounds for different charities, including World Child Cancer and Youth Theatre Arts. As part of Outlandish, I serve as an ‘Outlandish Companion,’ acting as an ambassador of the group and organising a range of events for fans. Events have included Afternoon Tea at the Signet Library for 30+ and tours of Edinburgh filming locations to discuss the actual history, how the site was used, and how it has impacted Outlander tourism in Edinburgh itself. I also served as the official photographer for the 2017 Crieff Gathering.


Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 12.34.15

Actor Richard Rankin at the 2017 Outlandish UK Gathering in Crieff.


Outlandish Bakers & Scottish Autism Fundraisers

As part of my work within the Outlander fandom, I helped establish the Outlandish Bakers to encourage sustainable and respectful visits to filming sites while also raising money for Scottish Autism. Since its digital publication, the Outlandish Bakers’ Guide to Sweets has raised over £1,300 for Scottish Autism. As part of my work with the Outlandish Bakers, I also run the Twitter account.

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