History of Art 1

As a tutor on the History of Art I course (Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh), I oversaw weekly tutorials for ten to sixteen students. Following assigned readings by lectures, I developed tutorials to encourage student engagement with course materials through creative exercises such as drawing key concepts. I ensured tutorial materials available to students digitally to encourage access, as well as provide additional revision material. Examples of tutorial slides and teaching outlines that accompany them are availableĀ here.

Student Feedback

Excerpt from Student Thank You Card


I also led special visits to the National Gallery of Scotland and the National Museum of Scotland to discuss relevant material on display and facilitate interactions with physical remains of the past. My responsibilities included marking student essays (on topics such including Insular art, medieval art and artists, Buddhist art, Renaissance art and print culture, and Islamic art and architecture) according to university grade indicators within departmental timeframes. I also provided presentation and essay feedback to students as part of feed-forward exercises designed to sharpen their knowledge on individual topics within the course and their ability to successfully undertake visual analysis.